Answers to North Shore News Questions


Answers to North Shore News Questions
1. Your age?   71
2. How long have you lived in your riding?   33 years in West Vancouver
3. What is your budget for this campaign?   $500.00
4. Should voters vote for a party or a candidate?
    Check out the party’s core values. Libertarians support freedom for the individual against the coercive, intrusive, expensive, expansive, wasteful state. Vote Libertarian for limited government.

Each individual has the right to live in whatever manner he/she chooses, so long as there is no violation of the equal rights of others.

5. Is Canada too soft on crime?       Yes. We need:
-1- Personal responsibility for violating the rights of others. Restitution to victims from fines, prison labor income, community service.
-2- Youth doing adult crime not to be excused from responsibility.
-3-.Victimless “crimes”, eg. drug-use, are health issues.
-4- Strong police forces, well-funded ,judicial systems, right to self-defense.

Those using guns in violent crimes should be punished severely, but those using guns to defend their lives and to deter aggressive criminals should never be punished for a natural response. We would repeal gun registration laws. Police who carry guns have no more rights than the public they serve.

6. What is key to protecting the Canadian economy?
Stop the progressive, incremental, steady, relentless expansion of statism.
-1- No subsidies/bailouts/favors for business.  They’re in it for the “risk”.
-2- Stop squandering taxpayer funds: for transparency, publish on-line ALL government cheques issued.
-3- Immediate use of “Sunset” provisions to eliminate redundant, antiquated laws/regulations.
-4- Reduce government spending.

We oppose government:
– intervention in the free market,
– restrictions on trade, contracts,
– monopolies  marketing boards,
– all tax-funded subsidies – whether to industry, business, education, science, arts, communication systems, individuals.
The only proper role here is to protect property rights, enforce contracts, adjudicate disputes not solved by mediation.

7. How worried are you about climate change?
I’m worried about pollution and degradation but trespass laws would rectify transgressions if private property rights prevailed.
I’m far more concerned about scare-mongering.  We need anti-indoctrination guidelines for captive school audiences. For example, 9 inaccuracies in Gore’s film must be presented along with the film in UK (see these quidelines on my website).

We reject government organized and brokered privileges, trade-offs, caps, quotas, dispensations, and other “big wink” deals that forgive polluters and degraders from accountability for pollution harming and violating individual rights.

8. Afghanistan’s occupation: Was it worthwhile?
    Libertarians stand for the sovereignty of nations.  We don’t wish to intervene in foreign affairs or adventures. We are opposed to military participation in Afghanistan.
    We believe in a strong military sufficient to defend Canada and its citizens from foreign invasion or aggression.  We oppose conscription but endorse voluntary service.

Regarding foreign despotism, Canada should use its voice to condemn violence to any peoples affected.  Canada should not prevent private persons or agencies from becoming involved in foreign aid.

9. Is Canada tied too closely to the U.S.?
    I personally have deep respect for Americans and their history. The Declaration of Independence is a masterpiece of anticolonialism. We need to beware authoritarian tendencies of both our nations if we are to continue to live in freedom from statism and coercion.  We need more friendly discourse with our neighbors.

Current American financial crises are object lessons that we learn and benefit from.  How much of the meltdown is blamed on government intervention in banking, bailouts,  and other interference with the free market?  The market has its own discipline, corrections and warning-signals that empower individuals to make responsible choices.

10. Candidate’s website ?  http://


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  • Q. Where are the anti-indoctrination guidelines?

    A. Will publish them very soon.

  • The guidelines are a result of a court case brought by a father who objected to the “untruths” being passed on the the students without comment, balance, or objections.

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