Answers to Post-Secondary Education Questions


Capilano Courier Questionnaire

Candidate’s Name: Tunya Audain

Riding:    North Vancouver

Party Affiliation:  Libertarian

1 – Where did you attend post-secondary education and what did you study?
University of Sask, BA, (Psychology)

2 – If elected, what are your three top priorities for post-secondary education?

Libertarians do not believe in government (taxpayer) subsidies or economic favors to any sector of society.  Limited government would mainly be involved in defense, police, justice and provisions against force or fraud.  Therefore, there would not be any participation in post-secondary education.
3 – Post-secondary tuition fees continue to increase and the cost of living, particularly in the Vancouver area, is high. Students are taking on greater debt with high interest payments. How will you alleviate this financial burden through the student loan program and the scholarship/grant system?

If students need financial help for tuition and living expenses this should be obtained from family and friends or the private sector in the form of donations, scholarships, private vouchers, loans, charitable organization help, or other independent means such as part-time jobs.

4 – Many people, including Capilano’s President Dr. Greg Lee, have advocated that Canada needs a federal Ministry of Post-Secondary Education in order to more effectively coordinate and monitor the progress and quality control of the country’s post-secondary institutions. Do you agree? Why or why not?

If you want to shackle Post-Secondary Education in Canada, then going the Federal level would accomplish inertia, bureaucratism, intrusions, regulations, hidden agendas and an ever-increasing establishment elite that feeds off the industry of education.  Please encourage Greg Lee to back off.

5 – Course accreditation is a big concern for students completing classes at Capilano, particularly those in degree programs. Currently, Canada does not have a national accreditation body and it is difficult for Cap students to have their courses and degrees recognized outside of B.C. How would you address this problem, if elected?

I would definitely encourage participation in credible private accreditation bodies that validate authenticity and quality of degrees, diplomas, credentials, etc.  and that have national or international status and credibility.


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  • Very interesting viewpoints, Ms. Audain. I happen to share most of them, but am also of the opinion that Post Secondary education is in many cases superfluous. I believe at this point in time economically, a lot of people are starting to realize this. Libertarians, being the most progressive party, would tend to agree, yes?

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