Libertarians of the World Arise!


Libertarians of the World ……. Arise!

Whenever government becomes too oppressive, too greedy, or just plain questionable, libertarians emerge.  Whether these people take on the name of Libertarian, or Freedom Party, or support such efforts as taxpayer watchfulness or promote free markets, or home educate their children, they are all in the direction of practicing self-responsibility and self-government. 

Countries that are seen as libertarian-leaning are New Zealand and Estonia. Alberta is the most libertarian-inclined province in Canada. Ask, on the Internet, the Question:  What countries have libertarian governments? And only one answer comes up, “The old United States of America.”

Libertarianism is a BIG movement.  Just start your search and you’ll be overwhelmed!

For an inspirational basic Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty please see this art video (10 minutes), animation created by Kerry Pearson of Lux Lucre, a long-time member of our BC group (now deceased):

The largest libertarian presence, of course, is the Internet itself.  It is self-governing and by its services enables, empowers, and expedites people to pursue their self-interests without coercion or excessive cost.  It is also a powerful tool to monitor governments and their agents, their beneficiaries and supporters, their successes and abuses. It helps citizens to keep their governments honest and on-track.  This role of the Internet is just in its infancy in helping to  limit government.

Someone asked me during this campaign what is the first thing I would do if elected.  I said:  I would put together a list of all the laws and regulations and start work with others on putting a Sunset Closure on those that are obsolete and redundant.  Another of my efforts would be to enhance transparency of government spending by bringing in a check registry — publishing online all checks issued by government.

Some Libertarian Quotes from –

  • The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates. -Tacitus
  • Democracy must be something more than 2 wolves and 1 sheep voting on what to have for dinner. -J.Bovard
  • A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. -Edward R. Murrow
  • Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others. -William Allen White

26 Libertarians are running in the Canadian Federal Election, Oct 14/08. See their websites:

The main site for the Libertarian Party of Canada is:

You will find positions on most questions and issues.  Take the Quizz.  Are you a fascist, socialist, communist, conservative, centrist, or libertarian????????


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