BC Election – May 12, 2009


I’m running as a Libertarian candidate in the West Vancouver-Capilano riding.  Election May 12, 2009.

Below is the statement I made to the North Shore News for their upcoming election issue.

Tunya Audain, Libertarian

1. Your age? 71                2. Residence in riding? 35 years

3. Residence on North Shore? 35 years    4. Your campaign budget? $50.00 (estimate)

5. STV: Yes or no? Why?

Libertarians believe in limited government — simple, transparent, easy for citizens to monitor.  STV is complex, expensive, and open to deal-making and manipulation. Oppose STV.

6. Does too much power reside in the premier’s office?

Yes. Centralized government is big, expensive, bureaucratic, inefficient, monopolistic, out-of-touch. Devolve to smaller autonomous units. Education needs more choices, less union-government domination – more parent governance.

7. Deficit spending to stimulate the economy: Just how much can we afford?

Libertarians on the economy.  Basic principles:  First, do no harm; “Hair-of-the-dog” solutions (more government) are wrong. Bailouts, make-work projects, unfettered public service unions depress the economy.  Second, cut spending. Sunset Initiatives will reduce government.  Third, decriminalize marijuana. Stimulate more tax revenue from another legitimate BC industry. Fourth, NO deficit spending.

8. Is the carbon tax a good idea?

I’m not convinced that global warming or climate change is due to man-made abuses.  Fluctuations are probably adjustments in the environment and cyclical in nature.

8a. Are there better alternatives?

Yes.  Instead of taxing everyone: a) User Pay: those responsible for pollution taxed extra; b) Enforceable property rights, those affected from pollution sue for damages.

9.  Should we change campaign financing rules? If so, how.

Free speech in provincial elections is satisfactory.  It’s in municipal, particularly school board elections, where I’ve seen corruption.  Recently some teacher unions worked to bind trustees ahead of elections by asking candidates to sign pledges to support teacher issues in exchange for voting assistance.  This seriously compromises democracy – inappropriate influence-peddling!

10. Is there a case for private enterprise in health care?

Decidedly YES.  Present oppressive socialist health system is inefficient and criminal.  Long waiting periods contribute to avoidable deaths.  Private health care insurance should be available to all.  Recently, BCAA offered private health insurance, announced and withdrawn in ONE day, shows that powerful self-interest groups are behind the present no-choice system.

11. Candidate’s website:  http://tunya-libertarian.org


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