Cockeyed BC Education


There are many meanings to “cockeyed”.  Here are a few:
–   bizarre
–    ridiculous
–    absurd
–    wonky
–    lopsided
–    ironic, opposite of what’s intended
–    incongruous, inviting ridicule

Mind you, I did not start out to be funny but something happened to me today in my political campaign which is a prime example of the ridiculous, puzzling, counter-intuitive and caused me to try and make lemonade when handed a bunch of lemons…….

I’m one of six candidates in the West Vancouver-Capilano riding and all-candidate meetings are piling up.  No one’s had trouble reaching me.  They’re all noted on my calendar.

This evening at 8:00 pm I’m reading my North Shore Outlook and I see — OOPS, I’ve missed a meeting.  It started at 7:00 pm, it’s too late to get out of my gardening clothes and rush over all disheveled…so let it pass?  Wait, who’s sponsoring it?  I’ll have to phone them to tell them they missed me somehow.

Well, it’s the two teacher unions on the North Shore.  A bell goes off!  Was I deliberately excluded?  I’m not a fan of the unions, and they don’t appreciate my critiques… 

What’s to make of this?  I’m a fighter and I’ve been fighting for education reform for the last 40 years and I’ve never hesitated to point out that teacher unions are the biggest obstacles to meaningful reform and to authentic parent involvement.

By trying to “kill the messenger”, not letting me speak to their meeting, they just might experience some backfire. So, I’m in conspiracy plot over-drive mode…  I’m not one to stop speaking my mind on what’s hurting education and our students. In fact, I intend to ramp-up.  Must be getting somewhere otherwise such an obvious, blatant slight would not have been made.

1.  I’m going to write to the paper pointing out my exclusion and suggesting people visit my website,

2.  I’m going to augment my website by publishing some education essays of the past year, and

3.  I’m going to provide brief digests of the essays with an angle on the incongruities of the issues discussed. I intend to use more ridicule to show just how cockeyed education is in BC.


Textbook Techniques Used to Subvert BCSTA

Essay #1: 090424

BC school trustees were meeting for their annual…tons of educators have gotten themselves elected as “civilians” to run the boards…no conflict of interest conditions prevent this in BC…a BCTF (teachers federation) ex-staff member parachuted in to trusteeship via election without declaring his background started an “activist” group, TAG (Trustee Action Group) to move trustees to pressure government….the scene is set…did the takeover happen?  To read the full story and comments and results, see the Blog, The Report Card by the education reporter for the Vancouver Sun, Janet Steffenhagen here:
And my essay, published one day before the AGM elections is to be found in the category on this blog – Cockeyed BC Education.


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