Backlash Overdue

 (This is essay #2 in this series, Cockeyed BC Education)


(by Tunya Audain, 090421, comment to blog, The Report Card, by Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun Education Reporter: “Where were the Liberals?”)

It’s just a matter of time before some counter efforts will appear that oppose the heavy-handed teacher union organizing and propagandizing in this province.

The latest transgression, verging on insubordination, is that of the Vancouver Secondary Teacher’s Association sending “two pieces of information home with students: one outlining concerns about class size and class composition and the other inviting parents to attend a labour-organized debate about education issues Monday night.”

See Vancouver Sun: Teachers told to get approval before sending information home

The BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) is advising school boards to be aware of teachers sending political or union messages home with students in this pre-election period.  The VSTA president, Anne Guthrie Warman, however, sees that teachers “have a duty” to inform parents about education issues.

BCPSEA sees it differently:  “…information sent home to parents – sometimes with students as couriers – must be accurate and not undermine the school system.”   BCPSEA says boards should order a stop to such behavior, and that unions should follow the principle of “work now, grieve later” and seek resolution through normal grievance procedures. 

All this smacks of the defiance of teacher unions in BC during the FSA “boycott attempts”, resulting in serious undermining of the preparation, administration and marking of the tests.  Literature was being sent to homes by the unions advising parents of their “rights” to withdraw their children from the tests.

The latest moves by unions to compromise the democratic processes in BC are those attempts using slick expertise and ex-BCTF staff member Lombardi’s initiatives to organize trustees into lobby groups against the government.

For more information about strong-arm methods being used by teacher unions elsewhere visit these two sites: The Truth about Teachers Unions and see this poster:  The biggest bully in schools? Teacher unions.
It’s not a pretty picture.  The first link I found in blog discussions of similar issues on Globe & Mail online this week and the second link I discovered from a speech given by Dr. Paul Shaker, ex Dean of Education, SFU, to school administrators last year complaining about attacks on educators.

And, don’t forget to read the complete article from New Zealand: Expel Protectionism from Schools


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