Federal Election – 2011

Federal Election – 2011 


Libertarians will be running in a few constituencies in Canada.

I am running in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country.

Please see a National Post article on some of the Libertarian positions: 

John Shaw, Libertarian Party of Canada

Here is a short digest:


  • The challenge is to tame the leviathan of big government and return control to the individual.
  • Libertarians are not anarchists.  Libertarian reforms would proceed with the least possible dislocation to society.
  • End the war on drugs. Drug dependency is a medical problem.
  • End Canada’s participation in foreign wars. Weaponry kept up-to-date for defense only – no fighter jets.
  • NOTA (None of the above) added to ballots to provide choice for voters.
  • Legal reform to provide for property rights in all provinces.
  • Economic reforms include a single federal flat income tax, reduce/eliminate government debt, and reduce wasteful government spending.
  • Shrink the state. More freedom for the individual!


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