Alarm Bells Turned Off

Alarm Bells Turned Off    [posted to The Province, Fri May 10, ‘13] 

With so much political noise — including repeated hollow-sounding buzzwords — it’s easy to see why people are turned off. As a candidate in this election (Libertarian, WV-Capilano), this is what happened to me.

I kept my eyes and ears open as to what the issues would be. Being a long-time advocate for meaningful parent involvement in education, I kept hoping that education would be an important topic.

It was not. Even though I kept mentioning my fears about radicalization through schooling — about parents being increasingly squeezed-out — education was a “ho-hum” topic and no-one paid attention to my troubling worries.

 A few months ago I heard a Ministry of Education official speak about changes to the public school system. We heard about the BC Ed Plan for years, but what was shocking in this speech was the declaration that “regardless of which political party gets in, the plan goes ahead. It’s global transformation.”.

This in itself alarmed me. What totalitarian thinking is this? Is this “one world government”, “new world order”, and “brave new world” seeping in through the school system?

I kept asking myself: “How can the education establishment be above the law — above the democratically elected political structure? Are they really a parallel government that is so embedded that no new political regime could dislodge it? These were ominous questions I was posing myself. 

Always believing that parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s education I saw disturbing hints of the future. Reporting to parents was to be shifted to new forms — some kind of fuzzy communicating instead of the School Act mandated Report Cards that parents have depended on for years. These Progress Report Cards are tools and benchmarks parents use to make decisions on behalf of their children — advocate for more services, change schools, get tutoring, or home educate.

Without this reporting families are indeed undermined in their primary role in education. By the way, this change was already field-tested in the last job actions by the teacher union. Report cards were withheld or sent home blank, with no one in the system opposed. Parental primacy was suspended.

Further reading in the BC Ed Plan documents brought up this foreboding future: “A significant amount of parent education about changes to student reporting will be required… [as these changes] will be met with apprehension and resistance.”.

Doesn’t this all smack of social engineering and coerced cultural change? Do we need reminding how the communist Cultural Revolution in China re-educated people in the 60s?

Please, people, look into this. Where is all this coming from? There are reasons why the system wants parents to have minimal involvement.

Don’t turn off your alarms about these dangerous encroachments being made on our freedoms and rights in BC.


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