October 14, 2008


 [X]    Tunya Audain, Libertarian

West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country

Tunya has lived on the North Shore for 33 years, and during that time has worked as a Taxi Driver for 13 yrs and as bookstore clerk at Capilano College for 10 years.

She has two daughters and 4 grandchildren.  She is a pioneer in the home education movement having been involved since 1972 in promoting the cause.  She has a teaching certificate and is active in the education reform movement.

She has made presentations on education reform widely, including Halifax, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and St. Louis, Mississippi.  She is also running for School Board in West Vancouver in the November municipal election. 


More on credentials:

  • BA (Psych) ’57, U Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Teaching Certificate, ’71, Ottawa Teachers College
  • ‘71-’72 — 6 month attendance at CIDOC (Intercultural Documentation Center) Mexico discussing dysfunctional and iatrogenic systems such as the education and health systems. At Ivan Illich’s center we met international attendees as John Holt, Susan Sontag…



  • Parent Advisory Councils (Principal’s course, UBC ’86)
  • Home Education: Third Option (Education Administrators, ’86)
  • Education Policy for Future (Conservatives, Libertarians, ’85)
  • Family Involvement in Education: Obstacles/Promise (Regina, ’84)
  • Home Education: Lab of the Future (numerous locations)
  • New Approaches to School Governance (a feature speaker, CEA, Halifax, ’83)
  • Parents Essential in Day Care (Winnipeg, ’82)
  • Put the Public Back in Education (keynote, Salt Lake City, ’82)
  • Multicultural Materials Development (NSBA, Washington DC, ’79)
  • Rethinking Education Reform (Seattle, ’85)
  • Education Policy & the Law: Values in Conflict (Pullman, WA ’84)
  • Citizen Participation for School Improvement (St.Louis, MI ’82)
  • National Conference on Parent Involvement (San Anselmo, CA ‘76)


  • Volunteer of the Year Award (Vancouver Junior League, ’85)
  • Organized 5 Home Learning Fairs (BC, ’83-’87)
  • Organized Gifted Children’s Assoc (parent advocacy group)
  • Education Voucher Campaign (’80’s)
  • Founding member, BC Civil Liberties Association


  • Education Advisory #1 – 10, Oct/75 – Oct/81
  • Education Advisory for Parents #1 – 4, Sept/84 – Oct/86
  • Arts in the Schools: What Parents Can Do, Tunya Audain, ERIBC, Aug/77
  • Home education: the third option, Canadian School Executive, Ap/87