BC Prov Election 2013 – page 3

What Needs Doing in BC Education

Royal Commission on Educ (6 mo max)

consider abolishing school boards and reducing size of Ministry of Education *

charter schools, publicly funded but free of union or school board constraints

Restore parents to their central role in education of their children.  Need a parents rights charter.

Political monitoring over supply of teachers, monitoring of governance of schools, accountability and transparency in reporting, cheque registry for expenditures

Vouchers for parental choice of schools

Court system to be enhanced to assist parents to get justice for their learning needs children.  The Moore case (15 yrs before the courts) showed that the Supreme Court of Canada agreed that the public education system had an obligation under the School Act. It ordered compensation, damages, and costs (over $100,000) when a private school was, however, able to help this student become a self-supporting plumber.


* New Zealand did an audit of its school system.  They found 2/3 of the $ never reached the classroom.  School boards were abolished over 20 yrs ago — school scores equal to Canada’s.